Jan Phillips: What is Dying to be Born?

Someone asked me what I thought was dying to be born. Homo sapiens, I
said. Homo sapiens (Latin: wise man or knowing man) is dying to be born into
the next iteration—the homo sentiens, perhaps. Homo sapiens knows, and
homo sapiens sapiens even knows that he knows, but look where that’s got us.
Brains without a heart. Homo sentiens (Latin: feeling human) will bridge the
brain-heart gap and compassion—feeling with— will be their modus operandi.

Homo sentiens will usher in cultures of kindness, economies of equity, politics
of collaboration. They will rise up from the ashes of fallen institutions and
imploded religions, bringing with them new myths and stories that heal and
guide. They will honor creativity and see that every day is a canvas for every
living being. They will be notorious for displays of adoration and awe, famous
for crying at the drop of a hat—male and female both—and they will declare
war obsolete once and for all.

Homo sentiens will revere the young and the aged. They will create communities
where extraordinary education is common and ongoing, where people
learn many languages, where food, health care and a decent home are available
to everyone. They will have transcended religions and committed themselves
to the common good with the greatest of faith. Children will be
encouraged to make music, make art, and make culture. They will know their
value from an early age as they will see this value reflected in every community’s

Homo sentiens will be aware of their oneness with the creation and the creatures
and they will not distinguish between sacred and secular. All things will
be holy in the eyes of these beings who are our descendants. Perhaps we will
return one day in a homo sentiens body and will cry for joy. Alleluia! We see
the light!

These words are from No Ordinary Time by Jan Phillips.  Although I’ve ordered the book, she has a pdf of the first three chapters on her website, and this quote is taken from Chapter 3.

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