Healing the Heart

I’ve been thinking about the change that happened when Tala did some acupuncture work on heart points. Basically, I started to feel “normal” — not scared, not sad — it took me a while to see that I was feeling better. It was only in the session with Erica in the afternoon, when I talked about gratitudes, and told funny stories and laughed. Erica said “You’re feeling better!” and I realized I was.

That made me think about the time I was feeling like my heart was a stone, cold and solid. I thought it meant I was unloving, but when I told Lynelle she said “Too much pain.” That was a surprise, and helped me feel like a better person. I realized that what I am feeling now is the relief from pain about global warming and the damage that humans are doing to the planet and all its creatures. Did I want to feel relief from that pain? Was I in denial? What I realized is that I’m not in denial, I know that global warming is happening, but at the same time I can see that what humans are doing to fight global warming is significant. In fact, I think they are running evenly. We don’t see it because the news doesn’t report the good stuff, especially when it’s a project done by a small number of people  in another country. We have a good chance of turning things around, but we have to keep working on it.

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