Help from Inner Teacher

Dear Inner Teacher, I’m feeling lost, confused, disconnected, uncomfortable, irritable.  I really need some help!

Dear Jenny, relax.  Your meditation of imagining a prostration on the out breath, of emptying your self, or demonstrating “Thy will be done” — with the complete surrender of your body —  This is a great practice.  Go ahead and keep doing it.  Yes, the Divine is using you to help the world, you don’t need to do any more than what you are already doing.  As you suspected, your uncomfortable feelings are being picked up from others.  You tend to think that everyone else is doing fine and you are the only one stumbling around, but it’s not true.  You live in a culture where many people — especially those who are wealthy and upper class — are busy “looking good” and doing their best to tamp down their discomfort into denial.  These are exactly the conditions under which a sensitive person like you picks up all the denied feelings.  The times are very difficult with ongoing war, global warming, destruction of the environment.  Your job is to bring  compassion to yourself and to the discomfort of all who are not feeling appropriate feelings of fear and anger, but instead feeling the denial of these feelings which is the very uncomfortable irritable feeling that you pick up and find very unpleasant and unfamiliar.  It is not something you feel because you have always preferred to face the truth.  Dear one, you are doing just fine for the world you love.

Thank You.

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