Three Haiku

After I did that writing, there was still more time — we write for 20 minutes — so I wrote about what I could see: on the table with me, reflected in the window in front of me, and finally on the ground I could see through the window.  I felt that haiku were called for, so I wrote:

coral fan in front of window
pottery lamp reflected
thoughts of suicide out in the night

dark night of the soul
o night more loving than the rising sun
where did it all go?

The second line is from Loreena McKennitt’s song, Dark Night of the Soul, which is a beautiful translation of St. John of the Cross’s poem.

From last week, after walking outdoors with Mocha, and paying attention to details.

lumps of snow on twigs
bleared sun in grey sky        softly glowing sun behind grey sky
why does my heart hurt?

After writing it, I realized my heart hurt because, as I unwrap a bottle of supplements, I have to throw away a small piece of plastic “for your protection” and I know that small pieces of plastic are killing all kinds of creatures in the ocean…

PS  I consider these haiku attempts, rough drafts.  Also, on Wednesday, two days after the writing, a friend’s grandson committed suicide.

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