3rd Cup of Tea

This 3rd cup writing illustrates another principle I use in my life:  I take a lot of things that happen as signs from the universe or spirit or whoever.  For example, if I’m thinking something particular and a bird lands on my feeder pole, I take it as support for what I’m thinking.  Certainly synchronicities are messages from the universe.  And something like this odd serendipitous meander through blog posts, leading from one to the next to a great reminder of something I need to know.

Tuesday, July 30     3rd cup of tea:

I sent a friend on facebook a birthday message, went down her page and found a post about Yitzhak Perlman, that I liked very much.  So I sent her the link to my blog post.  A post next to the Perlman one led me on to “The Core of Trauma” and “The Collapse Phase.”  A reminder that when I feel like this, utterly discouraged and blank of brain = neo-cortex offline, this is the core of trauma.  I have been triggered by god knows what, possibly the collective trauma set off by Trump’s concentration camps, border wall, support of white supremacists, etc.  I was also led to a post about Hope, Sharif Abdullah quoting Rubem Alves — our view of reality is much too narrow, we forget about imagination and vision and commitment, and the invisible forces that are just as real as the shit we see on the news.  Maybe even more real.

“The core of trauma” reminds me that being discouraged and “blank of brain” is not my fault.  So easy for me to make things my fault, and expect myself to get over them by beating on myself.

Part of the actual quote: “It is the suspicion that reality is more complex than realism wants us to believe; that the frontiers of the possible are not determined by the limits of the actual…”

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