About 3rd Cup of Tea Writing

My usual morning routine is to make a cup of tea, write while drinking it, make a second and do the same.  Then I usually have a smoothie with fiber in it, feed the dog, get dressed, make my own breakfast, and walk the dog.  When I come back from walking the dog, if I don’t have to rush onward, I can have a 3rd cup of tea.  I just recently started writing while drinking the third cup of tea, and was delighted by the result.  So I’ve continued to do it.

The first one was on May 31, and posted on June 1.  In the same post is something I wrote, clearly while drinking my third cup of tea because I left a space in my journal, but not labeled as such.  The inspiration came from something Richard Rohr said in the meditation for May 29: “I learned that if the quiet space, the questions themselves, and blank pages had not been put in front of me, I may never have known what was lying within me.”  He learned this from doing an Intensive Journal workshop with Ira Progoff.  In the same post I said “I thought I would try writing to get in touch with a deeper part of me.”

I never explained what the process was, just quoted some of them.  Obviously, I got the idea from what Richard Rohr said, and I also knew that a certain kind of writing, often from a prompt, and with a very open mind, would lead to things that were new.  Sometimes, while drinking my third cup of tea, I wrote a few words about something that was happening right then, and nothing more came.

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