Vigil for the Dead

Last night I went a church in Littleton to a vigil for the killings in Orlando.  All the names of those who died were read, 49 candles were lit, the bell tolled 49 times.  The minister of the Church was gay, which I hadn’t realized before.  The Church was full.  I cried when we sang “We Shall Overcome.”  It felt really reassuring to be with a lot of people who cared.  A woman I know, who plays the Native American flute, played two songs.  The second she described as a “Sioux chant for courage.”  I recognized the tune as one they had used in the movie Dakota 38.

So this morning I went to the trailer of Dakota 38

Then I looked up the interview with Silas Hagerty that made me want to see the film.  He talks about ceremony, and all the amazing synchronicities that happened as they were making the movie, and how sometimes you just had to wait.

The film is a give-away, none of the people who worked on it got paid, and the DVD is available for free, or you can watch it on YouTube, or you can download it from the website.

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