(Written in July 2009)

Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling a little sad and scared and lonely.  Can you help me?

Dear Jenny, relax.  Let your weight sink down into the couch.  You are truly supported by the earth under you, by the large group of people for whom Neskaya is important, and by many spirits including us.  It is truly OK for you to do nothing.  We know that this is still a little scary for you.  You have driven yourself, your whole life, to prove that you deserve to live.  So it’s a little scary to let go of that ancient conditioned behavior.  But it never was necessary, it was your child’s mind who thought that if she could just do something “right” she would get the love that was in fact her birthright, she should have been getting it all along.  Later, when it became clear that nothing you did would please your parents, you projected the one who needs to be pleased onto the great “Them”, on to god, spirit, the Universe, still trying to prove that you deserve to live.  None of that was necessary.  Just the fact of your existence proves that the Universe was not complete without Jenny, just as she is.  Do let yourself relax and take it in.

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