(Written in February 2009)

Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling very lost and confused.  I’ve no idea what happened to me, why I’ve collapsed so badly.  I’ve no idea what to do except follow Dr. Seigle’s program for medication and keep working with Karen and Caryn.  The life I had is gone, and I don’t know how to keep going.  I’ve been asking God to please show me what he/she/it/they want me to do with what’s left.  But I haven’t had any answer. Can you help me?

Dear Jenny, you are greatly loved.  Relax and try to let some of it reach you, drop by drop.  You are needing to grieve that your childhood was so barren and that the lack of support set you up for a lifetime of stumbles and failures.  Despite this you have managed to create good things and good changes in people’s lives.  Your task now is to let yourself heal.  This is what “god” wants you to do.  Following Dr. Seigle’s program and asking for help are very important parts of your healing.  You are in a healing process.  We know it’s hard for you that it moves so slowly.  This is an indicator of the depth of the damage, not that you are doing anything wrong.  Dear Jenny, you are much too hard on yourself and you have totally unreasonable expectations of what you can do, and you fail to give yourself credit for the hard work you have done and for your courage in keeping going.  Remember that we love and support you and are all around you.

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