The Story of God Greeting Me at the Gates of Heaven

After searching through all my journals since 2000, I found a reference to this story in February of 2011.  So I suspect it happened sometime in late 2010.  Apparently I never wrote it down at all!

I was feeling bad about myself and my life and that I hadn’t done anything worth while with it.  I thought “What will god think when I arrive with this pitiful harvest.”  I saw myself climbing up steps of cloud toward the pearly gates, with three stalks of wheat in my hands.  Suddenly a creature burst through the gates, looking more like Caspar the Ghost than anything else.  He, she, it or they were wearing a white robe flung over its head with eyeholes cut into it.  This being flew down to me, flung its arms around me and said “WELCOME!  Whatever you have done or not done, welcome!”   O my what a surprise!

I have to say I was very touched by God’s respect for my refusal to give God a gender, so that he/she/it or they came hidden in a sheet.

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