(Written in January 2009)

Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I’m having a pretty hard time just getting through the day.  Can you help me?

Dear Jenny, you are doing just fine.  You are doing the work that you need to do to heal this.  Bringing yourself back to the present, back to your body, over and over, is the work and you are doing it.  We remind you that these strange painful states of lostness and disconnection are something real that you experienced in the past — except that you were overwhelmed and couldn’t process it.  Supporting your self to experience it now is the way to healing, and you are doing it.  These experiences are real, they did really happen, but they are not true now, not the reality of your life now.  You are experiencing them as they leave your body.  You are not “holding on to your pain,” “wanting to be miserable,” or “over-involved with your inner drama,” or any of the other cruel things people have said to you over the years.  You are doing your best to be present to the traumatized baby with compassion.  We love you very much.  Let yourself take it in.

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