Why God Manifested Jenny

(Written at a retreat with Jack Kornfield, December 2008)

Thinking about stories Jack told about “retarded” people, and I thought that was god manifesting in a “retarded” body.  So then I wondered why god had manifested Jenny.  What particular energy did Sacred Unity want in the world and so produced my life?  Celebrating diversity.  Inclusiveness.  Supporting people to be their true selves.  The sacred calendar — using science for celebration.  Creating community celebrations based around traditional village dance.  Actually building a place where all these things could come together, and then subsidizing it out of my own inheritance.  To put money to good use for socially responsible purposes.  And a whole piece about valuing the natural world and concern for the environment.  I always felt badly that I didn’t take more action in the service of these values — well DAMMIT what is action if building & running Neskaya isn’t action?  Then there’s a whole piece about dysfunctional families and emotional pain and trauma and how to heal it.  And it hasn’t been focussed on just my own healing — I did Journey into Courage and educated a lot of people.

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