Ritual Year

I’ve been going through “Ritual Year” and I like it.  I thought it was all negativity but it’s not.  I just read one about a therapy session with Karen.  A blood-soaked bundle holding the pieces of a childhood that had never come together.  Today I know that those fragments are the result of trauma, the pieces of an event I’ve never been able to integrate.  That’s so amazing!
I was looking for “Truth Express.”  It wasn’t by itself in the quotes folder.  It occurred to me that it might be in Ritual Year.  When I went to the folder, I saw that the documents had never been converted into Bean.  So I started that huge job.  I can only do one page at a time, so it takes a while, but also allows me to look at the book in some detail.  I copied “Truth Express” and “Ereshkigal” to post in the blog.  I posted The Journal is Center yesterday.  Now I’m reading through the printed version.  Somewhere it says “third version,” and there are marks of editing.  I need to compare the printed version with what I have in the computer.  There is a blank paper inserted in the last season (SUMMER) indicating where the editing stopped.  Shall I print out a new version?
The idea behind “Ritual Year” was to collect 365 pieces of writing and arrange them according to the days.  Many turn out to be in the correct month, but how I placed them was a pretty random process.  They are mostly collected from journal years 1987 – 1992.  Some of them are depressing, or maybe I should say reports of being depressed.  Some of them I like a lot.  It’s a little like the blog in that there isn’t a lot of continuity.  I’m not sure what I want to do with it, whether to try and “improve” it and print out another version, or just posting some of my favorites in the blog.  Well I’ll probably do that anyway.

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