(Written in July 2006)
Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, it’s still raining and I’m scared about climate change.  I’m also scared that free sharing on the Internet is about to be sold to Big Business.  I see that my hope for the future of democracy has been heavily dependent on the Internet. I’m really pretty bummed out.  Please help me.
    Dear Jenny, Big Business owning the internet will not stop compassion, it will not stop the formation of local communities.  It will not stop you from teaching dance at Neskaya and making your art.  It will not stop Spirit from doing its work in the world because Spirit works through individual action.  The Internet helps you feel connected to all those people out there who are working for peace and sustainability.  Even without the Internet, you are STILL connected to them.  But your need is to FEEL connected and this is hard for you without visible evidence.  We suggest you build your community of support by staying in touch with specific people: Bobbi, Elizabeth, Beverly, etc.  It would also help to find people who are right here in the area.  WREN might help.  Be of good cheer, dear Jenny, the network of light is real and you are part of it, the Ocean of Compassion is real and all around you.  All by yourself, alone and depressed, you are still connected to the Web of Light, and as you keep your Heart and Spirit aimed toward, in alignment with, peace and sustainability, you are helping the world you love.  Do not despair, and remember we are always with you.
Thank you.

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