“The Fire of the Miraculous”

Feeling a little depressed, I watched Marianne Williamson speaking about the Occupy movement in Berkeley California.  The talk lasts for an hour but it’s well worth listening to. I heard something that resonated for me, stopped and replayed it several times while I did my best to write down the words.

I talk about the speech in an earlier post and quoted something I really liked:
She said of our trying to take on the 1%,  “THEY have the power, THEY have the technology, THEY have the money … what do we have?  We have what the Abolitionists had, what the Suffragettes had, what the Civil Rights activists had…   a better idea.”

She goes on to say: “This better idea calls forth cosmic forces.  If you believe that your power resides in anything other than the deep moral validity of your argument, you are not carrying with you the cosmic resource that will enable you to transcend the normal externalized powers that would other wise hold you back…  We are here from a deep place…  We are the stewards of American democracy.”

It was so powerful when she said it.  I try to read it and know what it means intellectually, here’s a restatement in my own words – “knowing that your power is rooted in your conviction of its deep moral validity gives you great strength.  The strength to withstand the powers that operate so strongly in the visible material world” — but even better is to listen to her saying it.  Go to the YouTube video and (if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing) go to about 35 minutes.  “The Fire of the Miraculous!”  YES!

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