My Tribe

My joy in the Winter Solstice celebration in Stanstead makes me think of a passage I wrote for The Feminine of History is Mystery.  It was written when I was still living in Brunswick Maine, and could not imagine ever finding my “tribe” of people who would celebrate the Solstice with singing and dancing.  I wrote a description of an imagined celebration at Stonehenge, and in the middle of the writing I called out to “my people” — and they answered!  And now I feel unbelievably fortunate to have found them and celebrated with them.

in the pale pre-dawn light, men, women, and children, wearing animal skins and bright colored woven cloth, carry banners and flutes and tambourines.  down the hill, through the valley of the avon, up the shoulder past the mound and the heelstone.  a sense of joyful expectancy, of reverence, but no rigid formality, dogs bark, children laugh.  there is a moment of solemn silence at the sun’s first flash, then they will sing old songs and new, dance thousand-year-old dances with new variations, feast and share the year’s gossip and wander home again .  .  .
o my people, how I envy you, what a sense of loss that I am not there too —
are you the past or the future?
we are both the past and the future, we are where
the circle meets itself, never fear, you too
are enclosed by the circle.

from The Feminine of History is Mystery, opposite right hand page 133

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  1. Eve DesJardins says:

    So here I am. It’s a nother morning like any other. There’s pain to hold. I walk the dog. I put on a gypsy music cd. Mori Sheh plays. I sist and google the steps. I google neskaya.

    I find you, your site, your blog. I have never availed myself to a person’s blog or website but I know you deeply in my soul as a sister of this journey of deep ecstasy and deep pain. I also have known for a year or two I needed to be int ouch more that contact with you and Neskaya again would nourish me in this place of life I am now, as it did years and years ago.

    I gotta go for now….to wprk… but I wanted to show up here. Start the contact.

    I am deely moved and grateful to find your blog. It will be my friend…my little meeting with in the coop in Montpelier substitute….

    you are so amazing. I am grateful for your work to document and share. Thankk you!!!!

    Eve 802 685 4931 (Chelsea Vermont)

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