Manifestation: Beginner’s Luck

Mentioning the trip with Cara reminded me when I manifested something I wanted without even knowing about the technique.  Later, when we took DMA, I understand why it worked so well.  It was the fall of 1976. I was living in Brunswick Maine and participating in a dream class which evolved into a dream group.  I was thinking of going back to school, to Bowdoin College to take a geology course so I could go on and get a PhD in Geology. I went into the library to the stacks where the geology books were.  As I wandered down the row of shelves geology morphed into archeology.  I saw a big book called “Rude Stone Monuments in Britain.” I pulled it out. Thumbing through the pages I saw a picture of Stonehenge and thought “I’ll have to get back there.” I didn’t think of how I might do it, or how much it would cost, or that I didn’t deserve it, or any of the innumerable roadblocks we commonly put up.  I just set an intention and the Universe said “Yes.” In January I received a magazine from the Natural History Museum of New York.  I thought perhaps someone had given me a gift membership, but no other information came with it. (I never did find out why they sent it to me.) In the magazine was an ad for a trip sponsored by the Museum: “The Island World of Britain” which described a trip on a boat that would sail from Southampton, visit the Scilly Isles, the coast of Wales, the Island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, the Shetland Islands, the Orkney Islands, and return down the east coast.  I was especially drawn by the stone circle of Callanish in the Outer Hebrides.  I talked about it to a friend in dream group who said “I saw that.  I was thinking of doing it.  Shall we go together?” I thought about how I might manage it financially and decided that I would get a loan, or a job, or sell some stock.  So we sent in our deposit checks.  Within a couple of weeks my parents called & said they were giving me $3000 this year as they had in the past.  They said “Do you want stocks or cash?” I said “Cash, please, I’m going to Europe.”
The trip was wonderful in some ways.  Being on a boat meant we didn’t have to pack & unpack, we just went to sleep and the boat carried us to our next destination.  Because it was the Museum’s trip, we went to gardens and birding sites as well as ancient megalithic monuments, so it was enjoyable and educational.  But the symptoms of PTSD were there — insomnia, overreacting to small stimuli — which made it hard to enjoy everything.  I kept a journal and used some of it in The Feminine of History is Mystery.

DMA is a course in creating your life developed by Robert Fritz, now called Technologies for Creating.

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