Action Plan

(Written in January 2010)
With Caryn I worked on recognizing the slide into depression and counteracting it by finding a resource, any resource, some place that feels incrementally better.  We looked at the empty places in my schedule, talked about how that scares me, and that I need more structure in my life.  I talked about the slide show — Caryn pointed out how I became more present and engaged.  I realize how this happens a lot.  Even as long ago as the Kornfield Retreat at Kripalu, when I got talking to my new roommate & she was interesting, and I came right out of depression.  And yesterday I went to visit Mary & Belkin, I was a little bummed out but started to feel better almost right away.  And when I was taking pottery classes, I was always fine during the class.  So I have an action plan.

1) sign up for pottery
2) Find someone at WREN to help me get the slide show computerized
3) Ask Pat & Cory if they know any one at White Mountain School — I could do Astronomy sessions for people who are interested.

A reminder:  in Somatic Experiencing a “resource” is anything, a thought or image or person, that makes you feel better in your body, warmer, more relaxed, more grounded, etc.

The “Slide Show” is my audio-visual presentation about the megaliths of Britain. I got very excited about it after my ritual of letting go in November 2010.  But I’ve been having a hard time getting it together.  (Note: if you click on this link you will get this entry followed by two about the slide show.)

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