Good Day

(Written in September 2008)
Woke OK this morning!  Took 2 buspar right away.  Feeling a very little sad and scared right now.  Yesterday afternoon & evening went pretty well.  I was able to cycle between reading, typing journal, playing solitaire, working on the puzzle.

I’m feeling an amazing amount of love for myself.  This is different from back in July when I was feeling good about myself and my life, about how hard I had fought and had finally arrived at a good life.  What I’m feeling now is a lot of warmth and compassion for this person who suffers so much, and struggles so hard, and has no idea of her limitations, and tries to do good, and makes stupid mistakes.

My cold seems to be fading away!  Yesterday the sore throat had changed, gone deeper, and coughing was very painful. I think the grief I got in touch with in the session with Caryn may have helped move it along.

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