Jupiter Opposition

(Written in September 2008)
A good night’s sleep.  Feeling considerably better, tho a little shaky & strange.  Brain not quite working right.  Wafts of very strange feelings to which I’m not going to pay much attention.  I’ll put my focus on continuing daily life as well as possible, and doing SE with Caryn.
Gene stayed with me a lot yesterday: brought in a lot of wood, made a fire, took me to emergency appt & to Rite Aid to pick up prescriptions.

Jupiter went direct at 12° Capricorn in the 8th of September.  It was in the 18th degree from June 28 to July 4 — I think I was doing pretty well at that time.
Checking Jupiter opposition Jupiter in Robert Hand — says it’s basically a good transit but with warnings not to overdo, not to take on too much, and a reference to “restlessness”, to feeling the “everyday world not ‘big’ enough” which could lead to a danger of overdoing which is just what I did.  sigh.
Just out of curiosity, Jupiter was at 18° Capricorn for the first time back in March.  That was the week I was at Kripalu for Ingrid Bacci and Kali woke up.

I don’t feel so scared to be alone — thank god!  I think the group of people who were with me in the dream gave me some comfort.  I also don’t feel afraid of every little thing — I’ll be able to read more books, do puzzles, type journal while I convalesce and take very good care of myself.  Gosh! I’m suddenly feeling a lot of affection for poor foolish Jenny who tries too hard, and takes on too much, and gets into lots of trouble.  I’m also able to feel affection for Bella again.  In some ways that was the worst of it.  I’ve also got out the Heifer & NRDC letters so I can cancel the monthly donation.  I’ll do it by email.

The Jupiter opposition natal Jupiter (Jupiter in my chart is at 18°37” Cancer) I discovered because I had a breakdown in 1984, a worse one in 1996, and now in 2008.  The only astronomical cycle that repeats every twelve years is Jupiter, and when it turned out that my breakdowns happen when Jupiter is opposed to Jupiter, that seemed highly significant.

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