Helen’s Celebration

(Written in March 2008)
We gave Helen a good send off last night.  More than 20 people.  Helen was an older woman who had danced with us for ten years.  She died a couple of weeks ago.  We got together to do as many of her favorite dances as we could.  We started with Gabi Gabi for ease and then did Inspiration Hasapico and Leben which most of the group could do.  Then I felt a prompting to do Az so I said “If you don’t already know it, you might as well sit down and watch.” I reviewed it for the diehards and we did it.  Several times in the evening I had a sense of Helen’s pleasure in what we were doing.  There were a lot of dances on the list and we didn’t get to do all of them.  Randi said something at the end of the evening, about what a great person I was, and the good energy I created.  It felt good to be told that.  Yes, I was “on” last night.  I was blazing, radiant, happy to create a joyous celebration for our friend Helen.  This is who I am.  This is what I do.

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