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Reading Old Journals

I’ve been going through old journals, copying and pasting into a new word processor so I can update my operating system.  For reasons I don’t fully understand I can’t do the whole document, but must copy 3 or 4 pages … Continue reading

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Thoughts about Death

A good friend died last month.  His death was expected, unlike Evie’s in July which was a horrible shock.  She was young and healthy, Michael’s health was failing.  He was waiting to qualify for a liver transplant, but his body was … Continue reading

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Somatic Experiencing

(Written in February 2011) Went in to Caryn’s studio & demanded my corner so we set it up.  Told her about wanting to learn all about Elisabeth and considering that a sign of health.  Also about weathering two disappointments — … Continue reading

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Bodymind Work

(Written in February 2011) Kevin was a huge help.  I told him about the trouble I’d been having with my right leg — tho it was a lot better when I demonstrated the knee down twist.  I told him I … Continue reading

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(Written in February 2011) Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling pretty blue.  Please help me.     Dear Jenny, we love you.  You care a lot about people who have a hard time because they are poor, or sick, or … Continue reading

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