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Container, Heart, and Baby

(Written in January 2006) Saw Deborah St. Cyr for acupuncture yesterday.  Told her about the feeling in my chest, and that if I said to myself “It’s a traumatized baby” then everything softened and it was easier to be with … Continue reading

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Perennial Journal Project

Bound for Freedom was put together from two journal entries from June 2008.  I left out this paragraph: New Autobiography: How I went from traumatized baby to Shambhala Warrior in 5? or was it 7 difficult years.  It’s so amazing … Continue reading

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Bound for Freedom

(Written in June 2008) Obama got the nomination!  I’ve put my homemade colorful Obama sign at the end of my driveway. Last night’s dance program celebrated Africa and African-Americans.  Spirit of the Great Heart, Eyes that Speak, We Shall Overcome.  … Continue reading

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Shambhala Warriors

I went to a workshop with Joanna Macy at Rowe in early October 2005.  She spoke of a prophecy about the Kingdom of Shambhala that she had learned about from her Tibetan friends.  She said: “This is a time when … Continue reading

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Feeling Much Better

These last few weeks I’ve been feeling much better.  It started with the work with the inner baby and 5-yr-old described in the last post.  I feel like I’ve come over a threshold, I feel solid and real and confident.  … Continue reading

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Work with Focusing

(Written in March 2011) Lynelle had a new book on Focusing, (The Power of Focusing by Ann Cornell) written by a woman who’d studied with Eugene Gendlin and gone on to teach lots of classes.  So she’s developed the technique … Continue reading

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Sad & Scared

(Written in March 2011) I looked out at the empty bird feeder and remembered the time I was angry at myself because I couldn’t fill the hummingbird feeder.  I feel a huge wave of remorse for having treated myself so … Continue reading

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Chinese Bamboo Metaphor

Jean Shinoda Bolen talks about the progress of her advocacy efforts to convene a fifth World Conference on Women via the UN: “The Chinese Bamboo Metaphor” Those of us who have a sense of movement in the grassroots, feel the … Continue reading

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(Written in July 2005) Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox in Natural Grace talk about the soul, how it’s like a field, centered on the body but bigger than the body — “the body is in the soul” — our souls … Continue reading

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Somatic Experiencing

(Written in July 2005) Worked with Brad on feeling tired & discouraged.  like a 500-lb weight across my legs, holding me down.  Hang out with it for a bit, some of the weight droops down and rests on the couch.  … Continue reading

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