Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’ve been doing better lately. I feel a little scared and sad right now. Can you help me?
Dear Jenny, we love you very much. You have been working as hard as you can, but what you really need is to relax more, accept more, stop trying so hard. It would be good if you could treat yourself as a person who is convalescing from a long serious illness. Even tho you have been feeling better, do not have any expectations of yourself, beyond three meals a day, walking the dog, and therapy appointments. It is perfectly fine to do puzzles, solitaire, light reading, writing and typing journal. And be sure to keep connecting with your support team. A healing process is in motion, you have set it in motion by your intention, and by your work in therapy. It continues, at great depth, when you are not paying attention. This is why it is good to engage your conscious mind with activities like puzzles, solitaire, etc. Remember that we love and support you, and we are with you even when you can’t feel our presence.

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