(Written in January 2007)
Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling pretty bleak. My heart feels like a stone, & nothing I do, or think of, helps it soften. When Lynelle said “too much pain” something cracked open, but it’s closed again. Please help me.
Dear Jenny, your stony feeling is another dark night of the soul. Your task is to witness it, stay with it, offer compassion, or at least have the INTENT of compassion. There is nothing wrong with you or defective, that you are stuck in this cold unfeeling place. The fact that you refuse to live your life from this place shows who you really are, and attests to the truth about the universe. The universe is not a cold, uncaring place. It is full of creativity and a vast compassion. Bring your cold stoniness to this compassion and relax. You only need to hold them together, you do not need to make anything change.

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