Three Things

I was talking to Elizabeth today. She told me that she had been listening to an old Angeles Arrien tape and she said something about the blessing way and 3 things you had to do every day.  I googled & found it:

I love what indigenous peoples say.  If you want the blessing-way to come into your family life or into organizations or communities or into the earth, there are three things that you must do every day: one is to set a sacred intention, two is to give gratitude, and three is to take a life affirming action every day.  So those are all positive doorways of how to work, especially setting sacred intention or life affirming action – is taking action on the intention.  And then gratitude, just the practice of gratitude, keeps the heart open and wherever the heart is open in the human species there is more generosity and more capacity for giving and receiving love and expressing love.

Angeles Arrien

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