(Written in July 2007)
Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling baffled and frustrated.  I need to feel connected to a sense of my life’s meaning and its larger context.  Please help me.
Dear Jenny, we love you.  Can you feel our love surrounding you?  We are delighted that you are beginning to show the outrageous and exuberant side of yourself, that you are able to feel good about being that way instead of the old shame and fear.  This is the artist who builds play spaces and invites others to join her in having fun while connecting with important parts of living like community and nature and the natural cycles.  You make possible a very powerful and needed experience for people in this period of history.  In this light, practical difficulties are marginal and trivial.  They won’t stop you from doing your work.  Nourish yourself by dancing, gardening, do more mandalas with the watercolor crayons.  We love you!
Thank you.

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