My Life

(Written in January 2007)
I’ve spent my life struggling with the wounds of childhood and trying to heal.  I used to think that someday I’d be better and I’d get to have a real life.  But I’m beginning to see that that isn’t going to happen.  I have some good times, but I also get periodically disabled by despair and terror.  Most of the time it takes all my energy to get through the day with some dignity and grace.  My question is does a life like this benefit anyone other than myself and a few close friends?  I’ve never had a full-time job, I was married for a while and am now divorced.  I have no children.  I’m very concerned about what’s happening to the environment and wish I had energy and time to devote to activism.  Some days I can write or call my congresspeople, some days I can’t even pick up the phone.
O yes, but I was part of Journey into Courage, and my story eventually encouraged all the other women to realize that their abuse started in childhood.  And the video is still being used to train police and medical people, and help reform batterers.

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