(Written in December 2006)
Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits.  I’m feeling completely discouraged and without hope.  I’m too tired to keep fighting.  Please help me.
Dear Jenny, we are all gathered around you loving you.  Your friends love you too.  Many people love you and would be very distressed if you died.  It’s OK for you to stop “trying”, it’s OK to stop “fighting”.  This is a passage, you will get through it.  All you need to do is keep practicing being in the present, and keep practicing loving kindness.  The most important thing is having compassion for yourself.  You have a right to be angry that you have worked so hard for so little reward.  It’s not that there is anything deficient about how hard you have worked.  It’s the nature of the job, that the rewards appear small.  Healing trauma takes a long time and has to be done in manageable bits.  Because you are one of the first to be doing this work, you are changing an energy pattern for your whole species, not just for yourself.  This is why the rewards seem so small, it’s like you were dragging 1000 people with you at every step.  This does not mean that you need to keep “fighting.” Just practice being present as best you can.  Taking time off by reading escapist books is OK.  We love you, and we honor you for all your hard work.

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