Guidance for help in depression

Woke up this morning feeling pretty depressed.  This has been going on for about a week with no obvious cause.  I’m really discouraged.

Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling completely bummed out, see no reason to go on, have no idea what to do.  Please help me.
Dear Jenny, you know this is about brain chemistry and something that happened to you in the past.  Your feelings are not telling you the truth about who you are and what your life it.  We remind you of the Dalai Lama’s prayer: “May everything I do today be for the benefit of all beings.” Just having this intent makes a difference, it doesn’t matter what you do.  Just doing jigsaw puzzles & computer solitaire with this intent is good enough.  Hang on dear.  You have been better in the past and will be better in the future.  You don’t need to know what to do, nor do you need to do something different, for your emotional health to improve.  It’s OK to let go & stop trying.  Remember that we love you.  Breathe, relax, you’re doing fine.

I read a horrifying statistic in a pamphlet about depression: 54% of the people in this country think depression is a weakness.  No wonder I get angry at myself for being depressed and that just fuels the self-defeating cycle.
Dear folks who are out there reading this blog, if it’s helping you at all, it would really help me if you let me know.  Thanks.

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