A lot of firsts.  I’m typing this directly into the computer.  My “3rd cup” is just water.  I walked Mocha down outside to get the mail.  Blue sky, brisk temperature.  I was glad to be alive.  And not afraid of dying.  I look at the leafless trees.  There’s a bird, looks red, but it’s the wrong red for a cardinal and no  — what do they call that thing? the wedge that stands up on his head? — so he must be a robin.  I saw one the other day in a tree filled with snow.  I look at the leafless trees and think they are dying, and then NO, Nature is keeping going.  I think what if huge number of humans die?  I saw a figure, something like 29,000,000.  Oh!  That means that our numbers will be closer to the earth’s carrying capacity.  The Earth will recover.  I hate that it’s the most vulnerable people that are most challenged, except that it looks like some of the ultra-wealthy are being completely foolish.  Maybe they think their money will protect them from the virus.  But the earth will recover.  And humans who already know how to live sustainably and cooperatively will survive and pass down the old songs and dances and stories.

I’m glad to be alive, and I’m not afraid of dying.

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