I am probably in one of the safest places on the planet right now.  I’m in a retirement community with a good healthcare system, the campus was locked to outsiders by March 6.  People coming from outside have to go directly to reception and be questioned about their health and recent travels.  When I got back from Kindred Spirits Reunion, where we practiced some social distancing, I found that we’d gone on full quarantine which means all group events were cancelled.  We were not allowed to eat in the dining room, instead meals were served in take-out containers by staff wearing rubber gloves, and we went back to eat in our rooms.  I was lucky that I had had that good hit of positive energy at Reunion, it held me through a lot of this.  I’m not worried about getting COVID myself, I’ve already accepted that I’m going to die, sooner or later doesn’t really matter.  But I was upset at the Daily Kos article about how Trump’s trivializing of the crisis has made things worse for everyone.  I also have obviously been triggered by the false information going around.  I have collapsed to the extent that I’ve hardly been able to eat, and I haven’t been able to wash my dishes.  In fact I’m finding it hard to read or type or do puzzles.  I did have a good talk with a friend, which helped a little.

Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits,  I was doing OK for a while, but the Daily Kos graph showing the rise of coronavirus cases with statements of denial by Trump & Co has really scared me.  If it’s true, and there are a lot of people out there not taking precautions, then we are in for a serious death toll.  Please help me.

Dear Jenny, whether or not Trump & Co have made things worse, the world is in a serious crisis.  You are now feeling that you can’t trust what anyone says.  This is triggering your experience of your mother’s gaslighting you when you were a child.  In a sense you can’t really trust anyone, since everyone’s experience is unique.  What is important is to realize that your actions don’t have to be any different.  You will continue to support quarantine actions here at Kendal, take sensible precautions, and make sure you keep enough connections with people who matter to you.

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