From my journal for August 25, 2019

Dear Guides & Guardians, I really need some help.

Dear Jenny, we love you.  Remember the kind Spirit that sat next to you when your heart was stony, and was patient and affectionate.  That Spirit is one of us, and we love you and have enormous compassion for you when you are stuck in a dark place.  You have fought sinking into that dark place forever, you have fought with strength and persistence against a very ugly and extremely powerful force.  The fact that you have not been conquered is tremendous evidence of your strength.  You may not complete the task, but that is not important.  What you are doing, what you have given your life to, is helping a lot of people you don’t even know.  We have no fear that you will quit.  Sometimes you give up and then you are present to the despair of someone who has really given up.  Your persistence even helps your parents.  We love you so so much, and are so heartened and inspired by your work.  Do not fear, the Earth will not die.  Many people will die and there will be great suffering, but those who survive, and all the Spirits who are part of the earth, will aid in the healing.  Yes, the Earth will die some day, but it will be a quiet peaceful death, a yielding to the invisible.

Thank You.  My heart is softly expanding and contracting.

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