originally posted July 14, 2012

“Anaïs Nin once said: ‘We write to taste life twice.’  I agree.  I think we write to taste life twice, and we paint and dance and sing and compose and do all art to ‘taste life twice.’  This opportunity to taste life twice is an invitation to go deeper, to miss nothing, to tell others, to experience the joy a second time in the telling and in handing on the depths and mystery  of life.  When we behold, we become so struck by what is that we want to share.  We call that sharing ‘art.’  …  We tap into the work of the Creator whose power is ‘unceasingly glowing and burning with all the Divine wealth, all the Divine sweetness, all the Divine bliss.’”  (He’s quoting Eckhart) Matthew Fox, Creativity p77

I realize that a lot of my early writing was like a message to my future self so that I could taste the real depth of my life, so that I would have a chance to experience something I had dissociated the first time around.  See “Colonial Dames”, “Selective Amnesia”

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