Past Terror

I posted a piece on a week of terror which happened in June & July,  2016.  I think that was the last time I had that much terror.  Part of it was plans for going to California for a workshop on Grief with Francis Weller.  The “Kim” who sounded drunk was my contact person at the Riverglen, which is independent and assisted living for seniors.

Here is how it starts:

I’ve just been through a week of terror.  Lots of possible triggers.  I haven’t had this bad a bout of terror for many years.

Tuesday, June 28

I’m feeling terrified.  I was reading Deborah Crombie and felt scared while I was reading.  Kim left a message.  She sounded a little drunk on the phone which was unnerving.  I have to leave for St.J. to see Bess about Writing for Recovery in 45 minutes.  I set it up because Erica is out of town today.

The Crombie series is one I read over because I know it is safe.  This is the last book.  Not having something safe to read immediately can be a trigger.

Wednesday, June 29

The meeting with Bess was good.  I was scared all the way over and for a little while after she’d come, and then as we talked I started to feel better.  The work sounds fascinating.  Bess is currently teaching the workshop at the Recovery Center in St. J.  It’s Wednesday night, and she has just started, so I’m going to go tonight.

One good reason for reading past posts is that sometimes I feel like I haven’t gotten anywhere in all these years, but sometimes, like with this one, I can see how far I’ve come.  If you want to read the rest of the post.

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