Vigil for Solidarity, Wednesday November 9

MoveOn and many other progressive organizations suggested gatherings on the day after the election for “Solidarity, Resistance, and Resolve.”  I signed up to have one at Neskaya at 7PM, but it was really too late (4PM) to let people know.  So two of us danced in solidarity with vigils all over the country.

Christine and I lit candles for the four directions. We did (surprise!) Solidarity, and Elm Dance (In honor of Joanna Macy’s work with the survivors of Chernoble).

We also danced Bound for Freedom (a Civil Rights song by Pat Humphries, sung by Magpie) to which I choreographed a dance based on Nia movements.  Best part is doing kicks on the words “I will organize for justice, I will raise my voice in song, and our children will be free to lead the world and carry on.”

The final dance we did was “Break the Chain” from V-Day several years ago.  It felt really great!

For me, the election results triggered my trauma from infancy.  It mirrored my total dependence on my alcoholic parents who were untrustworthy, my father having temper tantrums about nothing at all, my mother saying one thing one day, and something completely different another.  Circle dance is the perfect thing to do to heal.  Bessel Van Der Kolk, trauma expert, says “What heals trauma is touch, rhythm, and movement.”

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