Grace is Always Coming Down

News flash!  I just saw that the Jenny Erica sees is big enough to hold the Jenny I experience, hold her with compassion, and tell her “You are OK just as you are.  You don’t have to “heal” or “be a better person.”

I did a drawing a while back where there were pieces of me labeled things like DEPRESSION and JOURNEY INTO COURAGE.  The “bad” ones were cross-hatched, and they were all mixed up together.  Yesterday I had an image of “pieces trying to find where they belong,” and also wrote “to receive sadness and hold it, make room for it inside of me.”  I did a new drawing where the dark pieces were all together, and the light pieces were all around, holding the dark.  I looked at depressed, struggling, wounded Jenny and I loved her.  I saw that she is suffering, but that doesn’t make her “bad.”  I would love it if she could be more comfortable, but she doesn’t have to “get better” for me to love her, or for her to be a good person.










Something that came my way today:

Makes me want to dance in a circle.  Beckah Shae is dressed as an Indian and beating a frame drum, she is surrounded by people of all colors & races, wearing indigenous costumes.  She is Christian and envisions a Christian Revival.

From every Tribe and Language
People every Nation!
Where Warriors have fallen,
There’s a Resurrection comin’. …
The Wounds of Injustice are
Being Healed by the Peace.
Of ‘YAHWEH’ who’s bringing us
Power through Unity!
Where Warriors have fallen,
There’s a Resurrection comin’.
Dry Bones Dry Bones, come Alive. …
Yeshua, Bring us together!
Bring us together! Together we cry!
Out out for out You Heartbeat!
Give us your heartbeat!

YAHWEH is the name of God in Hebrew.  Yeshua is Aramaic, what his own people called Jesus.

That reminded me of Letter from God which alas is not on YouTube but I wrote about it.

A Letter from God

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