Morning Routine

I’ve been wondering why it takes me so long to get started in the morning.  Last Sunday, when Victoria asked the choir to come 15 minutes early, I thought it’s hard enough to get there at the usual time of 9:30.  I’ve also noticed when people stay here, or when I go somewhere else, even where meals get prepared, I find that my routine gets messed up, which is not good for my health.  So I thought I’d write down what I have to do in the morning.

9:25  Starting to drink my third cup of tea.  I woke up at 6:45 so my morning routine takes about 2hrs 40m.  Feeling very stiff, I first sat up in bed and bent forward to stretch my spine.  I don’t get very far and I can feel the tight muscles.  Get up, make tea, write in journal.  Forgot to take probiotic capsule, it has to be taken an hour before a meal.

— Dog whines at door.  I go out with her on a leash to let her pee and poop.  Now it’s 9:38 and I’m just starting to drink my tea —

Make second cup of tea.  Take Lamotrigine.  Write in journal some more.  When I’ve finished my tea I start the prunes.  While the water is coming to the boil I put my nine kinds of supplements into 3 little cups.  When the water boils, I turn it to simmer, set the timer for 20 minutes.  Roll out my yoga mat, do some stretches (forward bend much easier now) and postures.  Today I stopped before the 20 minutes were up, rolled up mat, put on outdoor clothes.  When the timer rings, I put the prunes in a bowl, rinse the pan, fill it, put eggs in.  Start the eggs at half flame, set timer for 10 minutes.  Then I have to make a mix of water, magnesium CALM, cider vinegar, liquid magnesium malate.  All this is in service to keeping my intestines moving.  I sit down with my prunes and mineral mix and check email.  When the timer rings, I turn eggs down to simmer, set timer for 10 minutes.  Then I start preparing Mocha’s breakfast.  Canned dog food, coconut oil and fish oil.  Then I have to grab her and force her mouth open for 3 drops of homeopathic detoxifier.  Then I give her her breakfast as a reward.  I do this, because although she took them fine for a few days, she’s now running away when I get out the drops.  I hope doing them just before food doesn’t lower their effectiveness.  When my eggs are done, I dump the hot water — on something that needs washing if possible — put cold water in to cool the eggs.  I put some rice in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for 1 minute.  Meanwhile I’m taking the shells off the eggs and rinsing them.  When the rice is hot I put the eggs on top, cut up the eggs, add salt.  I eat the eggs and rice while also taking my supplements.  Don’t forget that the dog gets the last bite of my meal.  Finally I get to sit down with my third cup of tea.  Today the dog asked to go out, so that took extra time, maybe 10 minutes.  Finally finally I get to drink my third cup of tea.  Usually read or play solitaire while drinking.  Today I wrote all this.

I’ve finished the tea at 9:50.  So my whole morning routine today took 3hrs and 5min.  I still need to take fiber in fruit juice, but probably won’t get to that until later in the day.

No wonder I’m so slow to get started in the morning.  It takes a while to wake up enough to do everything I have to.

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  1. jenny says:

    I read this over and think there are women who get children out of bed, fed, and off to school in less time than it takes me to take care of myself. Maybe I should add I can do this routine as long as I feel OK, if I’m depressed, every little act becomes a chore.

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