Meditation for Peace

Monday, September 21

Today is International Peace Day.  Many people will be gathering to pray for peace in the world.  We gathered yesterday at Neskaya to meditate for Peace.  We wrote our hopes on white dove pieces of paper and hung them on a twig “tree” in the center.  After the meditation we did a series of peace dances in our regular dancing time of 4:30 to 6:30.


Sitting for half an hour, visualizing peace, I surprised myself by having a wonderful time.  First I saw myself as a dove, taking the tidings of peace to every country on the planet:  America, Mexico, Guatemala … New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania … Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia… China, India, Russia … Bhutan, Kurdistan, Uzbeckistan … Egypt, Ethiopia , Tanzania … Spain, France, England …  I was a little ashamed at how few countries I know.  I did pretty well in Europe: Greece,Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Croatia … Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland …  though I can’t remember all the countries that once made up Yugoslavia.  Is there still a Macedonia?  We do a lot of their dances.

I imagined people dancing in the streets, then I imagined live music for them to dance to, food for everyone, enough clean water for everyone…  Understanding that peace can only be built on sustainability, I imagined people being stewards, preserving nature, no cars in Yosemite Valley, in fact no cars anywhere — cheap, well-organized, fast (those trains that run on monorails above the ground), bicycles in cities, free to everyone — you just leave the one you used outside your destination and trust there will be another when you come out (think this is really happening in  some European countries). Bus-taxies that don’t have a regular route but pick up people when called and deliver them where they want to go, computers making sure that their routes are most efficient (this already exists at airports).  No police, but “Officers of the Peace,” trained in Aikido, NonViolent Communication, and mediation techniques.  People are tearing down dams so the salmon can run upriver again (this has really happened, and it blows me away that the salmon know where to go when no salmon has been that far in generations).  People are removing pigs and rabbits from Pacific Islands and the native flora and fauna are rebounding faster than any scientist predicted (this is also real).  Whales and Dolphins and Elephants are recognized for their intelligence and revered for their wisdom.  Absolutely nothing is done to harm them or their habitat.

That was about as far as I got in 30 minutes.  I emerged full of enthusiasm and hope.  I will hang on to this vision, and offer another one: Matt dancing around the planet, places you’re never heard of and famous places, people dancing with him of different colors, wonderful!  It’s a place I go when I’m depressed or discouraged.


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