“In Touch With Who I Really Am”

The two days of feeling “extraordinary” were an amazing experience.  They didn’t feel amazing at the time, nor did I feel “extraordinary.”  A good friend didn’t like the word “extraordinary,” she thought it referred to people who were an elite, so I puzzled over it a lot.  There’s actually a way in which the meaning of “extraordinary” wasn’t the important thing.  Though if I translate it as “outside the ordinary” that’s certainly what my experience was.  It didn’t feel special, but it did feel totally different from how I usually feel.  It felt extremely comfortable: comfortable in my body, in my life, not worried about anything.  It occurred to me that when Erica said “extraordinary” it totally wiped out all my parents had taught me about who I was.  I finally came up with the words “in touch with who I really am,” but I can’t say anything more about what that means, what that looks like, what characteristics or image that “person” has — I’m not even sure it’s a person.

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