More About Vocation

It amazes me that I can write something about my vocation in January and then lose it so fast.  I see that telling my story as though god had designed it ushered in the days of grace.  Never saw that before.  And the thing about waiting for the “next thing” to come along.  I certainly forgot about that.  I would live so differently if I reminded myself of that every morning.  Who said: “God comes to us disguised as our life”?  Pauline D’Arcy, quoted by Richard Rohr in “Breathing Under Water.”

Written in February 2014

The story that really works for me is the one that says it was my vocation to build Neskaya, and right now I’m doing just what god wants me to be and do.  The other story, that doesn’t work, is about how I don’t deserve to live.  I feel like I’m caught and torn between the two of them.

So tell the story again:

1964 – degree in Astronomy, Stonehenge, White Goddess, folk dance
1975 – Brunswick   —>  folk dance
1977     —> dream class  —> trip to Callanish  —> start book —> Center for Archaic Studies
1978 – meet Dana  —> move to Franconia
1986 – publish book: The Feminine of History is Mystery
1988 – discover Sacred Circle Dance
1992-1996   build Neskaya
1998 – create Dancing the Sacred Calendar

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