Moon Shell Home

I made this collage at a Sufi Retreat in an exercise called “Soul Collage”.  I was very pleased with it.  The name comes from two passages in The Feminine of History is Mystery.

full moon in cancer
we decorated the house with fir boughs and holly, put a florentine madonna in the place of honor.  miriam brought candles, pat brought moon shells, nan brought crescent shaped moon cakes made of honey, wheat, salt and wine.  each lights a candle from the center and says what seeds she plants in this fruitful womb to come to full growth in the summer.  We share the cakes and each takes a moon shell home.
This is a description of a real event, a ritual for the Full Moon in Cancer, LHP opp p111

a wholly new moon appears in a new place.  for the transparencies
of faces are endless and deep, beautifully defined inner space opens
out into vastness and intricacy passage to the lost realm.  the voice of the
hidden goddess thunder rolls in the channels of power. a shoulder of the
windy hill many small stones have been piled in the sacred precinct,
gateway to another world, the western paradise of bagpipes and harp,
goddess root sings itself through the vast and multi dimensioned sky
filled with luminous shapes. at last to the cliffs
facing the western sea, avalon among the summer stars,
moon shell home.

This is a “Woven” passage made up of single lines
from other lefthand writings,   opposite p119

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