(Written in July 2009)
Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits, I’m feeling so sad.  Can you help me?

Dear Jenny, it is appropriate to be sad.  Though you have done a lot of good with the difficult hand you were dealt, it’s true that you suffered many losses.  Perhaps the worst is this invisible one, the loss of parental love, guidance, and support, that has left you with such a bleak inner landscape.  Not being able to trust who you really are, not having a solid foundation for living a healthy life, “soldiering on” to prove that you deserve to live, has left you exhausted and finding it difficult to celebrate your very real accomplishments.  We celebrate you, dear Jenny, we celebrate the things you have been able to accomplish, despite your severe unhealed wounds, we celebrate the hard work you have put into healing yourself.  We think you are just wonderful, and we love you.  Dear Jenny let yourself take it in.

Thank you.

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