Box of Stories

Once again I am feeling apathetic.  This is the third week of my therapist’s vacation, and I’m feeling a little like she doesn’t exist, and it’s very hard to get my energy up to do anything, or even to make decisions.  Recently I’ve been making decisions on how easy something is, rather than how much it costs, or if it’s something I “should” do.

I haven’t been able to get back to work on my box of stories project.  It occurred to me that I could do a blog post about it.  I’ve done an earlier post about the inspiration for the project, and now I’d like to show some of the process.  That means taking pictures and downloading them.  I can do that.

This one shows the top of the box which is almost completed.



This shows some of the little booklets of stories:



The box is a tomato box.  It has a nice solid top, and holes in the sides.  Because of the holes, adding collage is a little tricky:



Here is some of the raw material in the form of very large pictures:



Some of the stories have appeared as blog posts:

Winter Solstice at Stanstead

Ocean of Compassion

Wild Turkeys

Little Group of Jennys

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