Healing Emotional Wounds

From Bruce Levine, Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic
“Emotional wounds heal naturally when we are not in a state of defensiveness, and healing conditions encourage this necessary openness.  These conditions are, in great part, created by kindness, gentleness, and love.  Kindness includes generosity …  [It] is warmheartedness, a turning toward rather than away from suffering.  It is tolerance, accepting that those in pain are often unpleasant …  Gentle speech, gentle movements and gentle touch are healing …   gentle people have patience.  …  Healing conditions also include trust, authenticity, free choice, and faith.”      pp93-94

“When the conditions for healing are in place, the barriers or defenses to healing are more likely to disappear.  We become open to feeling cared about, making it more likely that we can become open to caring about life beyond ourselves — and this results in healing.”      p97

“The more our focus is on creating that which revitalizes ourselves or others, the more we are in the realm of healing.” p103

“The WHO … reported that the United States and other “developed” countries are inferior to “developing” countries such as India, Nigeria and Colombia in helping people diagnosed as psychotic to recover. …  One reason could be modern society’s relative absence of gentle, supportive, healing groups.”   p104

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