God With Us

Reading in Rob Bell last night and this morning how God is with us in our pain, feeling our pain.  I remember once, in a bad time, it occurred to me that Jesus knew what it was like to be utterly forsaken, even by God.  That cry from the cross — it’s often been a comfort to me that Jesus — whether or not he was God as well as human — he knew that ultimate despair.  So I can ask him to be with me in that place, not to save me from it, but just to be with me in it.  Thinking of what that would feel like, I suddenly realize that I’m never alone.

“God is there in the tears, the questions, the despair, the blood, the lament — God is there, sitting with us in the ashes, when we shake our fists at the sky and declare that there is no God.

“This is the unexpected subversion of the cross, turning so many of our ideas about God on their heads, insisting that God is so for us that God is willing to take on the worst the world can bring and suffer it, absorb it, and feel it, right down to the last breath.”  p144

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