Dear Guides & Guardian Spirits,  I’m feeling so sad.  Maybe even depressed.  I think if I could cry I’d feel better.  I’m not even sure what it’s about.

Dear Jenny, we love you very much, and we know you are doing the best you can with a difficult situation.  First of all, all your painful abandonments got triggered.  That’s a huge amount of pain.  Secondly, when you were feeling so happy and healthy you could see how much pain you’ve been in your whole life.  The tender red flowers just starting to unfold on the maple trees are a reminder of a part of you that got cut down before it had a chance to bloom.  There’s a lot of mourning for your wounded and stunted life.  You’re worried about Bella.  Your friend Eleanor’s life keeps getting harder and harder.  You haven’t been able to make contact with people who might want your presentation.  You haven’t found a way to contact the director about things you’d like to offer at Burch House.  So you’re feeling blocked in directions where you hoped to expand.  There’s also the difficulty with the computer.  Beverly said to call FairPoint but at the moment that’s too hard for you.  And you’re angry at yourself for that.  Dear Jenny, you were badly wounded, so badly that just getting through the day can be hard.  Give yourself a break.  Yes, it’s true some things won’t get done.  None of those things is as important as compassion for yourself.


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