Founding Spiritual Principles of America

I am so sick of the political circus.  Needing something to nurture my soul, I started rereading Marianne Williamson’s Healing the Soul of America.  Had the experience, often found on rereading, of being surprised — surprised by what she says about the spiritual principles our country was founded on.  “All men are created equal” was a new idea coming out of the Enlightenment.  We have steadily expanded “all men” to include more and more people, though it’s still not fully true.  Maybe some day it will be revised to “all sentient beings are created equal.”  She states the principles as:

1. EQUALITY OF RIGHTS AND OPPORTUNITY: That all of us are equal before God and should be treated that way by the American government.
2. E PLURIBUS UNUM: That within our diversity lies a national unity — that we are at the same time a people who reflect and embody diversity, yet are united in our fealty to these treasured first principles.
3. BALANCE OF INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY AND PROTECTION OF THE COMMON GOOD:  That it is the responsibility of government to protect the general welfare, yet with enough checks and balances to ensure that it remains limited enough to guarantee our individual liberties.
4. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: That every American shall worship how her or she wishes, if he or she wishes, according to the individual’s own conscience and with no governmental interference in that right.

These are found in Chapter 2: Dreams and Principles in Marianne Williamson’s Healing the Soul of America; ReclaimingOur Voices as Spiritual Citizens.

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