Dear Guides and Guardian Spirits, I’ve been feeling a little down and lost, not quite sure what I want to do next.  Can you help me?
Dear Jenny, “down and lost” is a very natural reaction to being so busy for a number of days.  Also, we think that finding Charlotte’s letter has really thrown you, because you are really beginning to be able to take in the truth about yourself that she describes so well.  Remember that beginning to believe positive things about yourself, beginning to fully understand who you really are, is very threatening to some inner parts of you.  There are very young ones who are afraid of being made wrong and abandoned.  There are also internalized voices left from your mom and dad.  They have pretty much been disempowered, but there’s still a residue of discomfort in your body which can be triggered.

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  1. Paul Rivard says:

    It was a pleasure dancing with you both at Neskaya and Dancing Bones. I am thoroughly impressed by all the energy you exude and intend to emulate you once my emotional healing is complete.

    Paul Rivard
    Waterloo, Québec

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