Little Jenny

I think of Little Jenny and want to hug and comfort her.  I see her, she’s very real to me right now, and I also see how lovable she is.  It’s easy for me to see how lots of people love her.

I’m coming into a whole new relationship with Little Jenny.  I’m not sure how it used to be, I think I saw her as an image of who I once was, but am no longer connected to.  I could extend compassion to her, but — maybe it’s that I didn’t see her as a whole person. Now suddenly she’s very real to me, I see her as a whole person with many gifts: creativity, compassion, vision, and the wish to make people happy.  She’s both innocent and wise.  She’s who I really am, just at the point where the damage is beginning to shut me down.  I love her, and I respect and revere her.  I see that she’s who other people see when they look at me, not the damaged, vulnerable, fragile person I experience myself to be.  I see that Little Jenny is lovable and valuable, and I can see how many people could love and value her.  Somehow, though I still can’t take it in directly, at least I can see that that love is REAL in a way I never could before.

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